there is a huge difference between genuinely liking someone and liking the attention they give you and it took me a long time to realise that

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Those are enemy birds.





I really try to keep my comments short here so I’ve just written and deleted, like, 20 paragraphs.
Basically this is the main character of a story I am not skilled enough to write, but it’s basically what happens after the big final showdown.  She’s an amalgamation of all the Chosen Ones of recent YA literature, and the story is just her, like, coping with the fact that her entire life leading up till now has been about carrying out her destiny, beating the big baddie and everything and now…she’s got to deal with living the rest of her life.  Which, as we all know, is fucking hard enough as is.
In an ideal world, Rainbow Rowell would write this. 

Not Rainbow Rowell and not especially skilled, but how could I resist this?
"So, Sav, have you started studying for finals yet?"
"You know maths is next week, right?"
"Yeah, you can’t just tell the professor you had to fight off a bloodman! They’re all extinct now!"
"No, I know."
"Hey, where were you?"
Anna peeks around the door frame, smiles awkwardly. “Oh, you know, just, um, with Esther…?”
"Esther’s in Haiti."
"Right…" Anna deflates. "Look. I was at the therapist’s, okay? You always say that shrinks are for wimps and I know you’re the great Savior and you don’t need help, but I still get nightmares where I’m buried alive and the sessions are a big help, and the people at the hospital offered free therapy to all of us who fought with you and I didn’t want you to laugh at me…" She hangs her head and peeks through the curls at Savitri.
"I’m not laughing at you."
"You’re not?" Anna flips the mess of hair back and grins.
"I wouldn’t tease you. We went through difficult times. We’re not kids anymore, Anna, I won’t be mean just for the sake of being mean. Do what you need to heal."
"You’re a good friend, Sav." Anna gives her a thumbs up. "And you still sound like you’re giving me pep speeches!" She skips away in the direction of her room, the sound of her bag hitting the floor loud in the small apartment.
Savitri keeps up her smile until Anna’s door slams, and then her shoulders slump and she crams a fist into her mouth. All of us who fought with you…
"Have you thought of any career options?" The counselor taps the keyboard. The speed makes Savitri flinch, because fast things kill you fast things are dangerous you can’t outrun fast Sav but she hides it as a shrug. “I was kind of busy fixing the world.”
"Hmm, saving the world, I believe, is the right phrase… it says here your grades were very low in the sciences…"
Sav leans back in the chair and plays with a pen.
"So do you know what the new health-care laws will be? I heard you got to meet the president."
"I didn’t get to be part of the negotiation team, though."
"Oh. I bet it was boring anyways, huh?" The guy sitting next to her nudges her and Sav clutches the glass in her hand- the drink is nonalcoholic, because she’s only twenty come March. He’s too friendly but she doesn’t want to get aggressive. She gets angry too easily, and fight monsters not humans, humans are the victims runs through her brain again, though she knows now that nothing is so clear cut. “It’s more fun here!”
"After the first meeting they wouldn’t let me in because I killed the bastard they sent over as ambassador. He was a slaver." She sets her drink down on the counter, too hard, and the glass sinks into the wood a bit. "Sorry, I saw someone I know in the crowd."
"Saaaav! Get out of those ugly pajamas and let’s go!" Meg knocks on the bedroom door, quick and hard.
Lawan, standing next to her, frown slightly, but her voice is soft. “We’re meeting Yi at Tea For Ten in a quarter of an hour, remember?”
Sav opens the door a tiny crack, sticks her nose out. “I think I’m sick.” It comes out husky.
"The great Savitri, hero of the multitudes and defender of the human race, sick? Is it leptospirosis? Tubercolosis? The plague?”
"Don’t show off just because you’re a med student now, Meg." Sav glares at her former makeshift team medic. "It’s the flu." She coughs, and it sounds harsh. "I went to the doctor, got medicine, I’ll be fine. Go and have fun. Tell Yi I said hi."
"I’ll stay with you," Lawan says. Both Meg and Savitri protest, but Lawan shakes her head. "You need someone to take care of you and make sure you get enough to eat and drink. I’m no med student, but I do have three little sisters and they’re just as stubborn as you."
"Thanks," Sav says begrudgingly.
"I’ll bring over some coffee cake later, yeah?" Meg inches towards the door.
"Sure. Have fun," Lawan says.
"You know you don’t have to lie to any of us," Lawan murmurs, stroking Sav’s head in her lap. "They won’t think less of you for not wanting to leave the house."
"I want to. I just can’t," Savitri says, the hoarseness replaced with a lump in her throat.
"You could get help. No-one thinks you have to be a perfect heroine now." Sav doesn’t reply, and Lawan keeps stroking her hair.
"Yeah, right," Savitri says, after a long, long time.

I think the traceable trail of inspiration is just about my favorite thing about tumblr.  There is nothing in the world that makes me feel as good as having someone be inspired enough by something I’ve made to make something themselves.
good day.  very good day.


What facebook feels like on ur birthday.


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